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August 2020

NPM Philly: The Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians

Npm 2.0

For over 40 years, the National Association of Pastoral Musicians has served the Catholic Church in the United States, “fostering the art of musical liturgy.” 

40 years later.... who is NPM?

  • NPM is a community of pastoral musicians, committed to mutual learning and sharing of resources in service to the Church. NPM provides the support, formation, and skill development opportunities that pastoral musicians need.
  • NPM membership reflects the growing cultural diversity of the Church across the United States.
  • NPM is a community for all those who are passionate about sung worship, those whose heart pounds as a community sings together, and those who miss their choirs over summer break (or during pandemics!)
  • NPM is a network of support for colleagues. NPM is for everyone who wants to make Sunday morning better through singing praise to God.
  • We promote professionalism and competence in pastoral music leaders. The members of NPM exercise leadership in our field and promote a vision for Church music.
  • NPM is able to advocate for the profession and vocation of the pastoral music minister with the leadership of the Church in the United States, as well as representing the field of pastoral music ministry to the wider Church.
  • Our association collaborates with other national ministry organizations to strengthen liturgical worship in the Church.
  • With over 70 diocesan chapters already established nationwide, new chapters are forming all the time to unite pastoral musicians in a common purpose for a common mission.

Whether you’re a professional organist or choir director, a handbell ringer or cantor, a priest, a guitarist, or just someone who loves to sing in Church, NPM is you.

If you are committed to singing the Gospel of Jesus, NPM is you.

If you serve the Church in sung prayer, NPM is you.

Our future is bright. It’s your future. It’s the future of the Church. NPM is YOU!